Will you overcharge me for shipping?

Not at all! Well, initially maybe it will look like that but allow me to explain; at checkout you may see yourself being charged a shipping fee that eventually turns out to be more than the actual cost to ship. You see, our shipping algorithm simply looks at the combined weight of items and uses that weight to assign the parcel to a shipment price bracket which takes into consideration costs to deliver to the most distant areas of the United States. But is it fair to be charged the same amount as sending a package thousands of miles down the road, when you might live just a few hundred miles from our shipping center? Not at all! That's why we promise that even if shipping costs look high at checkout, we will reimburse you in full for every dime and nickel overpaid for shipping usually within a few days. And if we undercharge you? Our loss! We will never come back and ask you to pay more for your purchase than what you were originally charged at checkout. It's all just the right thing to do!


Why do some products still have plastic?

Good question! Unfortunately, many otherwise fabulously eco-friendly products still contain small amounts of plastics either due to continued user demand of things like soap and lotion pumps (which have little or no plastic-free alternatives currently), or because technology isn't quite there yet to give us a workable product without some plastic. For example, our amazing bamboo toothbrushes have bristles made from a base of 62% castor bean oil, but the rest is still plastic. Why don't we go for the 100% natural version? Well, that's because the only fully natural functional alternative out there is pig hair, and a large segment of the population will never take to the mix of ethical, religious, and pure ick-factor considerations required to use it. So, while our long -term goal is to end the destructive use of plastics, for now we must accept lowering its use and prevalence as a victory. 


Are your shipping materials eco-friendly as well?

Yes! We currently use Ecoenclose.com as our provider for new shipping materials. They offer a wide variety of recycled, plastic-free shipping materials like "Corrugated Bubble", a cardboard alternative to common bubble-wrap. When able, we also like to use boxes and packing materials from other sources that have been reused to increase their working lifespan and limit unnecessary taking of new resources to feed the market. We definitely encourage you to reuse our boxes too!


How do you handle returns?

Returns on our products are accepted under most reasonable circumstances when in compliance with the following terms. Buyer pays return shipping unless buyer can show that seller (Plastifree) acted in error (sent wrong product, for example) or that product was defective. In instances where seller did not act in error and product is not demonstrably defective, returns may only be accepted only on completely unopened shipping containers, and buyer pays return shipping fees. We cannot accept opened containers because there is sometimes no sure way to verify a product was not used, and it therefore would not be suitable for use by other customers.