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Eco-Friendly. Effective. Bamboo.
The all-around best toothbrush for yourself and the environment

Wow, are these toothbrushes impressive! Batteries needed? No. Mechanical parts? Nada. What sets this brush apart from those you see at the big box stores is the simplicity of it; the quality that comes from making a product right and the "good ol' fashioned way". These brushes hold their own for months and months, still effectively cleaning teeth after 3-4 months of heavy daily brushing. Once they're done cleaning your teeth, after rinsing them out thoroughly they still have plenty of spunk to work at cleaning and maintaining things around the house. An example, it makes a great applicator brush for shoe waxes and polish! When it's finally kaput, just pull out and discard the bristles with pliers, then compost, burn, trash, carve, craft, whatever you like with the bamboo handle! 



Handle made of 100% Certified Organic Bamboo

Bristles made of majority base (62%) non-GMO castor bean oil.

BPA Free, Non-Toxic


Note: Bristles are top of the line, best available material for an effective eco-friendly toothbrush. However, they are not biodegradable and the technology to make them so is not fully there yet. 62% of the bristle material is based on polymerized castor bean oil, but the rest is nylon, a plastic. While Plastifree obviously does not support the use of plastics, this is by far the best option on the market as the only other materials available are either 100% plastic or pig hair. Yes, the only known material sturdy enough to work as an effective and truly natural bristle for dental cleaning is pig/boar hair. For many, there are ethical and religious reasons not to use pig hair, for the rest it's an off-putting idea at the very least.