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Organic, raw shea butter is the first ingredient!

Its soothing, moisturizing properties are legendary!

Elevated Body Care products work, pure and simple. We've tried other natural deodorants out there, and this is by far our favorite. The effective combination of simple all-natural ingredients are a powerhouse of delicious smelling stink-fighters. Ingredients like arrowroot help keep pits feeling moderately dry for all but the heaviest sweaters, without blocking pores like unhealthy artificial antiperspirants found in most other deodorants. The addition of colloidal silver might as well be magic, as it naturally kills odor-causing bacteria before they have a chance to multiply and ruin your day. And of course, because it's coming to you from Plastifree, the tube is 100% natural biodegradable heavy-duty cardboard that is so strong it will not wear or warp whatsoever from regular use. Bottom line, you'll smell amazing without compromising the health of your body or our planet!


The Scents

Earl Grey: Inspired by the famous tea, the scent is made up of natural oils of lemon balm, rosemary, lavender, bergamot, and orange peel. The smell is sweet, but not sickly-sweet. Aroma could be described as lavender-citrus. It is warm in character, but refreshing and crisp enough to easily fit any season. A true unisex scent that fits any wearer, as men wearing it would not be perceived as feminine, and women wearing it would not be perceived as masculine. 


Feelin' Woodsy: An alpine aroma, obviously, this scent is based on natural essential oils of lemon balm, rosemary, lavender, and balsam fir. This variety is zesty, but warm, without coming across as hot and overwhelming as some winter-themed products of other companies do. Nevertheless, we recommend Feelin' Woodsy to anyone for cool-weather use. While we would say the scent leans masculine, some women may still enjoy wearing it especially if they lean toward being the "outdoorsy" type. And while we can safely say pine-based scents are especially suited to winter use, feel free to get in touch with your inner lumberjack all year long if it suits you!


SO Fresh: Combining essential oils of lavender, orange peel, and tea tree (melaleuca), SO Fresh is, well, refreshing! A very clean, crisp scent, it fits in perfectly in anywhere from temperate to hotter climates and is perfect for both men and women just like our Earl Grey variety. If you like to display a cool-as-ice vibe, feel free to embrace the chill and try SO Fresh any season!

Use Instructions

  • Best applied after a shower or bath, but certainly before beginning your active work day.
  • Can be applied a second time during the day if needed, but for most this isn't necessary unless you want the scent to remain super-intense even at the end of your day.
  • A little goes a long way, no need to plaster it on like putty!
  • Rub it on gently in the entire pit area, give a quick sniff test, and if you smell amazing you're golden!



Though rare, as with any topical product it is possible to experience sensitivity to any one of the ingredients in our deodorant varieties. Please see ingredients list if you have known allergies that may affect your positive experience with our products. Also, if irritation occurs, remaining deodorant can usually be applied to less sensitive areas like the feet without issue. In this situation we recommend trying one of our Taylor's Super Sensitive deodorant varieties.

Fairly uncommon, but possible especially if just switching from an unhealthy commercial antiperspirant, it may take anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks of use for natural deodorant to become fully effective. This is because the body, when free of common industrial toxins regularly applied in deodorant to suppress natural functions like perspiration, will take some time to cleanse itself of these toxins. To help speed up this sometimes smelly process, be sure to eat a balanced diet including fruits and vegetables, limit processed foods, and drink lots of water (don't go overboard and drink a lake, but you get the idea).


 Size: 2 fl. oz. (60 ml). Weight: avg 2.5 oz