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Little flying critters bugging you and your little ones? Try this wonderful, all-natural, Deet-free insect repellent! It is mild on skin, pleasant to the nose, and absolutely intolerable to biting insects. Just what you need for a nice hike in the woods or the next family picnic! In fact, it's great for the whole family because it's safe for all ages! So don't just keep the bugs away, keep harsh toxic chemicals away from you and the kids too!

2.7 oz travel size spray

Organic and Vegan

Recycled/Recyclable Aluminum Bottle

Not tested on animals

Made in USA


Instructions: Apply as necessary to exposed skin. Best results by spraying direct into hand and rubbing in to skin. Cover all exposed skin areas for full protection. Keep away from eyes, mouth, and other sensitive areas. For children, have adult spray product into their hand before gently applying to child's skin, being especially careful to avoid sensitive areas like eyes and mouth. Use only as directed. Not intended as a bug killer, only as a repellent. Keep out of extreme heat or cold as much as possible.

Ingredients: Alcohol FREE witch hazel, extra virgin olive oil, neem oil, essential oil blend of peppermint, eucalyptus, orange, cedarwood & tocopherol

Container: Recycled aluminum bottle with plastic spray attachment and cap. If you find/produce a plastic-free spray applicator please let us know!